Launching a Successful Insurance Email Marketing Campaign

All of us are far too familiar with receiving email newsletters that we have no interest in, with pitches that we find annoying, and we therefore never open. Most insurance agents, sensing this to be the case, have moved on to venues like social media and mobile marketing to get attention, and there are some that will tell you that insurance email marketing is no longer relevant.

But nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact, with the use of a strong content marketing approach, email can be more powerful than ever, thanks in big part to social media.

Discovering what works

People expect something for their time. What works is a value exchange – your valuable information for your prospect’s valued time. Let’s face it, your subscribers need to know they can trust you and your abilities, and that you’re not just a self-promoting spammer.

Good email content can only help to deepen your relationship with your audience, and this is accomplished by having an effective “subject line” (the key to getting your messages opened), use of your distinctive voice (which will aid in getting those messages read), and the delivering of quality, niche specific content that your prospect needs and will (hopefully) share with others. This can result in many inspiring referrals and a lot of word-of-mouth about your organization.

You can experiment with different subject lines, for example, personalized subject lines.
We’re programmed to respond to our names, which is why personalizing your subject line with the recipients’ first name will generally grab their attention. Now, in order to get them to act, you’ll need to attach a compelling reason for the named recipient to open it.

Say something in the subject line that will compel them to want to hear more. Give them a reason (or reasons) why they want to learn more. “10 reasons why you can benefit from liability insurance.” A subject line that projects a little mystery can also be a real eye-opener. Another way to pique interest is with a subject line that offers a benefit of some type: “Experts are standing by to answer all of your questions.”

Insurance email marketing can be fun; you simply need to work on techniques aimed at getting the desired results. Try one or more of these tips and see how it can change your whole perception of email marketing.