Why You Need Professional Liability Insurance While Working as a Nurse

You likely chose the nursing profession because of an inherent desire to help others, and you probably never considered the fact that such a career puts you at risk if something goes wrong or if an outcome is less than desirable. Nursing is a naturally risky profession, and this is true even for those who are the best in their field. In today’s society, it’s more critical than ever that you protect yourself and your career in the event that a claim is filed against you, and here’s why professional liability for nurses is such an important asset for those in the healthcare industry.

More People Die From Medical Errors Than Car Accidents, Breast Cancer or the AIDS Virus

With increasing numbers of deaths and serious injuries resulting from medical mistakes, more and more nurses are being named in malpractice claims. Many of these claims center on medication dosage or administration errors, but as the scope of the nursing career continues to expand, so do the areas in which nurses can be held accountable.

Nurses Aren’t Necessarily Covered by Their Employer’s Insurance

While some medical employers hold liability insurance, this is not always the case, and it also may not be enough to protect you and your career. Your employer could also potentially turn around and sue you for any money they had to part with on your behalf, and their policy may also have certain restrictions, such as not covering part-time or contract employees.

When you deal with life and death situations daily, you need to protect yourself and your career, and professional liability for nurses is the easiest way to do so.



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