How to Lower the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Each house is different and so is each homeowner’s insurance policy. There are many factors that influence NJ homeowners insurance quotes and knowing what can help keep costs down is important.

Make Your Home Safer

If your home has features that provide increased protection and make it safer, including smoke detectors and fire alarms, your rate should be lower. At the other end of the spectrum are home features classified as risk factors, and they can increase the cost of your policy. Some examples include swimming pools, hot tubs and trampolines.

Limit Claims

Your insurance claims history is also part of the equation when your homeowner’s insurance premium is calculated. The more claims you have had the higher NJ homeowners insurance quotes will be. If something minor needs to be fixed, doing it yourself can help keep your insurance costs down.

Pay Attention to Your Credit

The better your credit score, the lower the risk you are to an insurance company. Statistically speaking, people with good credit file fewer insurance claims than ones with bad credit, and they are rewarded with lower cost homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Purchase Auto Insurance From the Same Company

Insurance companies will frequently give customers a more attractive rate on their homeowners insurance if they purchase their auto insurance from them as well.
These three criteria are important factors when you purchase homeowners insurance. Contact your agent to learn more about what you can do to get the best rate possible.


photo credit: caribb cc