Review Your Homeowners Insurance Annually

Over time, your income and assets increase. You probably don’t think about protecting those assets through your homeowners insurance in PA until you have a claim and find out you’re underinsured. When you get your annual statement, take time to review your assets and insurance. Then check with your agent to make sure you are covered.

Did you make any home improvements in the last year? This could be a remodeled kitchen, an electronics sound system built into your home, or even an expensive HVAC system. If your home’s value has increased, you could be underinsured. Don’t wait to find out. Talk to your agent.

Have you made any high dollar purchases this past year? Think about the Christmas presents you gave, maybe a gorgeous diamond necklace or valuable artwork. Maybe your parents bequeathed you treasured antiques. Make sure your homeowners insurance in PA covers the value of the antiques. An appraisal will ensure you get the full value of the item in case of a disaster. Keep receipts and pictures for your purchases in a safe place to validate the belongings in your home.

Don’t forget to review your high-risk assets like a trampoline, a swimming pool, or your new dog. Some breeds are considered more dangerous. Protect your liability risk with a rider policy. Your agent who provides your homeowners insurance in PA will put together the right plan for you and your assets for complete coverage when you review your policy.


photo credit: Karol Franks cc