Manassas, VA Auto Insurance and Winter Driving Concerns

While the beautiful state of Virginia usually sees rather mild winters, with little snow and ice, it is still very important for Virginians and visitors to stay safe and cautious during winter months and to also understand how to drive during winter-weather conditions. There are occasions when the state is struck by an unexpected winter storm that may close highways and interstates, as well as cause dozens of preventable accidents and injuries.

Residents in this area are best served by having Manassas, VA auto insurance coverage. Here are some winter weather safety tips that can help keep families’ safe in Virginia’s rare but very hazardous winter weather conditions:

  1. Don’t drive unless it’s absolutely necessary

The best way to stay out of a snow or ice related driving accident is to stay home and wait out the storm. Unless it’s an emergency, it’s not worth the risk of an accident or injury.

  1. Be prepared if travel is required

Stock the vehicle with warm blankets, a small shovel, and sand or kitty litter (in the event the car gets stuck in snow or ice), and food and water. Keep the gas tank fairly full if running the car in order to keep warm.

  1. Don’t tailgate

Leave plenty of following room between cars. It is likely to take much longer to stop in snow and icy conditions.

  1. Drive more slowly

This will lessen the potential for accidents, or swerving or loss of control of the vehicle. If driving significantly slower than other cars, turn on hazard lights.

  1. Turn on headlights

This helps to increase both, visibility, and so that other drivers will be aware of other cars on the road. Keep windshield clear and defrosted at all times.

  1. Proceed with caution over bridges

Understand that bridges freeze before other parts of the road and are susceptible to black ice.

  1. Be extremely careful when passing

Be safe and never pass snowplows or sanding trucks. Driving behind these vehicles is also safer, as they will clear unwanted snow and ice from the road.

Don’t be afraid to pull over if caught in a storm. Stopping for a meal or a cup of coffee will give snowplows and sand trucks a chance to clear the roads. It may be a bit inconvenient, but it could also save a life. Better safe than sorry, and always carry Manassas, VA auto insurance in case an unfortunate incident occurs.


photo credit: Juergen Jauth cc