Hospital Professional Liability Insurance Options

Simplified Hospital Professional Liability Insurance options offer comprehensive coverages and endorsements to address the needs of the current marketplace. The range of options available for tailoring policies covers specific industry-related risks.


1. Hospital Professional Liability


While medical malpractice coverage rates are static, trends indicate that costs are on the rise in a significantly cyclical manner. For that reason, insurance options cover liability for professional errors, acts, or omissions of hospital employees. Examples of coverage include:


  • Employee coverage (including nurses and physicians)
  • Hospital coverage from acts or omissions regarding professional services
  • Claims coverage


2. Physicians and Surgeons Professional Liability


Integrating the costs of physicians and Hospital Professional Liability Insurance can yield variable and substantial cost savings. Consolidating policies by migrating from traditional insurance carriers to captive ones is a valuable strategy that makes financial sense. A few strategies include:


  • Separate aggregate limits for a limited liability company, partnership, association, or corporation
  • Individual coverage for patient injury resulting from services rendered by a physician, surgeon, or hospital employee
  • Claims coverage in connection with a hospital professional liability policy


3. Miscellaneous Professional Liability


Policies that providers write on a combined basis cover areas that could apply under either policy. For instance, typical combined claims and occurrence coverage policies involve:


  • Blood banks
  • Diagnostic testing laboratories
  • Allied health-care partners


Liability insurance coverage policies provide a proactive approach to risk management for hospitals, physicians, and staff. Strategies that focus on providing flexible and professional long-term liability insurance begin by combining the broadest insurance coverage possible with captive insurance carriers.


photo credit: paul bica cc