Fresh Auto Insurance Leads Can Bolster Business

People have come to trust the Internet when it comes to purchasing products and services and auto insurance has seen a steady growth in this area. More and more, consumers are using the Internet to comparison shop for auto insurance from a slew of different sources. This has created a demand for auto insurance leads for agents in recent years. After all, according to a recent ComScore Auto Insurance Report, more than two-thirds of consumers shopping for auto insurance received their quotes online. This means fewer agents are making sales through the use of telephone calling or face-to-face visits.


With that many individuals going online for insurance needs, agents must consider the Internet as one of the best lead sources for insurance leads. Obtaining leads directly through individual websites can be a daunting task, and with so much competition, it could reduce the number of potential clients significantly. Remember that everyone is aiming for that top spot in the Google rankings.


Fresh leads can improve numbers

No insurance agent will be happy obtaining old, outdated insurance leads, many repackaged from previous sources, especially when they can access