Worker Safety and Used Car Dealership Insurance

Used car dealership insurance helps to protect employees should they become injured while on the job, but sound risk management planning can be extremely helpful in various ways. Employers can help reduce the likelihood of accidents by coordinating safety training programsand having rigorous safety inspections on a constant basis.


Insurers can be an important tool for helping to create various aspects of loss control, including return-to-work programs, strategic loss prevention plans, claims management practices, and other risk management services.


Providing first aid for minor injuries


Having a first aid station on hand to provide treatment for minor injuries can help to reduce the severity of injuries on the job. All workplaces, including used car dealerships must meet the requirements of OSHA in maintaining proper safety measures. Employers and supervisors should inform workers of when and where to report injuries, fill out any necessary forms, investigate accidents, both major and minor, and inform workers of where the first aid facility or treatment center is located as well as provide immediate aid as needed.


On the job injuries


By law, workers are required to report any injury that takes place at work, to a supervisor and/or first aid attendant as soon as possible. Supervisors are required to report the incident to the proper authorities as soon as they have knowledge of the occurrence, as well as pay and arrange for transportation to a hospital or medical facility when required.


Workers at a used car dealership may have some of the following health and safety concerns, which includes:


  • Exposure to airborne material (dust or fumes)


  • Eye injuries


  • Exposure to noise


  • Musculoskeletal injuries


  • Handling and lifting injuries


  • Slips, trips and falls


  • Exposure to hazardous materials


  • Tool, grinding and welding injuries


  • Auto lift (hoist) injuries, and


  • Vehicular incidents



Safe work procedures


For any task that is hazardous, complicated, frequently performed or less routine, an employer should provide written work procedures. These procedures should be posted where they are easily accessible. Workers should report any health or safety concerns to their supervisor before beginning any job.


Dealerships generally have a large population of people moving about their lots and facilities each and every day. Customer safety is equally important and insurance is available to handle any resulting incidents, but used car dealership insurance for workers is a separate policy that all businesses with employees must carry.


photo credit: Jed Sullivan cc