Staffing Insurance and the Interviewing Process

Hiring competent temp workers for clients is essential, since many employers plan to transition temporary workers into full-time employees. Therefore, those talented individuals may have a real possibility of gaining a permanent position. The interview process can help determine whether people with top-notch credentials and the correct company culture fit are being hired.


Below are a few questions to ask candidates in the interview, to ensure that the temp candidate has the right stuff to become a member of the team. Staffing insurance, in particular employment practices liability insurance (EPLI), can be helpful should accusations of wrongful acts be made as a result of negligent practices by the interviewer, whether real or perceived.


  1. Ask each candidate why he or she is interested in this temporary opportunity.


It’s important to find out why a candidate is interested in the opportunity and what their career ambitions are. Do they see the job as a “stepping stone”, or is this just for a paycheck? Pay attention to any nonverbal gestures during the interview, as this may be a negative indication of their intent.


  1. What do they hope to learn in this position?


Just because a person comes from a different industry or background doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a bad fit for a client’s temporary position. The most important aspect of using temporary labor is to recruit candidates who want to use the job as an opportunity to learn. Even if his or her skills aren’t a perfect fit, hiring a motivated candidate can help clients jump the skills gap by taking a risk on an outside-the-box candidate.


  1. Ask him or her what their ideal work environment looks like.


Some candidates desire a corporate hierarchy; others are looking for an opportunity with a startup. It’s important to know their ideal fit, which may help the candidate to adapt more easily to the client’s culture.


  1. What do they know about the company?


It’s always important for a candidate to do their homework. Find out what they know about the company and ask them to envision what they can add to the mix.


These are just a few examples of the types of questions that can be a helpful insight into candidates’ strengths and ideologies, while avoiding the trappings associated with EPLI issues. Speak to an agent familiar with staffing companies about staffing insurance for all types of business-related concerns.


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