Suggestions for a Successful Insurance Internet Marketing Strategy

Due largely to the fact that they don’t have much patience people have turned to the Internet as a primary way to do research and also a good portion of their shopping. This is primarily because they want to find what they’re looking for fast. The problem is, due to a lack of desire, or knowledge for many in the insurance industry most websites fail to give prospects exactly what they’re looking for.


The offshoot is that, when making plans to engage in insurance Internet marketing, many agencies end up giving visitors and prospective customers too much to look at. Leading marketing experts say that’s because they tend to crowd pages and jam them with every thing that they think might appeal to a visitor- they’re actually driving people away.


Here are a few suggestions to try to keep an insurance website design simple, and get more people to want to hang around long enough to convert them into leads.


Make sure that each page has one objective


Keep visitors interested in learning more about the company by making what they want the main focus. If what they’ve visited the website for is hidden or difficult to locate, they’re more likely leave. That’s why it’s important to strip away all the clutter that may be a cause for concern.


Assign the proper offer to each particular audience


If the purpose is to get visitors to the homepage to submit their information for online health quotes, then make sure there are no huge offers for life and travel insurance competing for their attention. Decide the type of visitors to market the page toward then make the big offer the one they’re most likely to want.


Make the one call to action obvious


Call attention to an offer with a related image that draws the visitor in. While this can be accomplished using Flash animations, don’t go overboard! There’s a big difference between calling attention to an offer and looking cheesy and unprofessional.


Write action-oriented copy


Another important aspect of good insurance Internet marketing is copy. Copy should convey the benefit the visitor will get by taking action. For example: “Comparing Quotes Should Help To Find Just The Right Plan”. A good marketing plan will obtain the desired results.


photo credit: kaneda99 cc