The Importance of Social Media for SEO

At one point, simply using the right keywords in your website was enough to maintain good insurance SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, as technology continues to change and increasingly infiltrates our lives, there is now a need to do more and to understand the relationship between all of the various components that go into a good insurance SEO plan.


This is where social media comes in. Search engines have become more advanced and now try to personalize the results to each individual based on previous searches and other information that search engines have gathered. With social media, companies are able to gain more data about the individual and create a more targeted insurance SEO plan.


There are various ways that social media can contribute to a better insurance SEO plan:

  • Earns indirect links through sharing of content, which in turn allows your content to continue to spread to audiences that you have never reached before and that would not have necessarily been possible without the help of social media.
  • Personalization based on social relationships between current consumers and potential consumers due to the large amount of data that is available on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Help in determining potentially strong keyword phrases by seeing what people are talking about when they share your content or competitors’ content.
  • An active company profile page helps draw in more web traffic and, by extension, customers
  • Helps avoid “low quality” link building that Google looks for when updating it’s algorithm by allowing “natural” link building through social media sites instead of posting numerous links throughout yours and other websites to achieve the same end result.


All of this being said, social media is certainly not a replacement for traditional insurance SEO. However, it does provide you with a good supplement to traditional methods and also potentially help boost your company’s business.


photo credit: SEOPlanter cc