A Good Benefits Package Will Keep Employees Satisfied

Employee benefits in San Francisco can be a huge concern for many workers. That’s why it’s so important for employers to offer reliable benefit plans that cover a range of needs, from health and wellness programs to life insurance.

Consumer Driven vs. Group Health

Consumer driven health plans puts more of the financial responsibility relating to healthcare on the insured employee, while group plans bundle all participants into one.  Consumer driven plans can be amended by the use of saving accounts, which can lessen the financial burden on the insured employee. Conversely, group plans can put most of the burden for expenses on the employer, which is why group health plans are often touted as part of a larger employee compensation package.

Term Life vs. Whole Life

Term life insurance is far less expensive than a whole life plan, because coverage is only offered for a limited period of time. For a more inclusive plan, whole life covers the insured without an age of expiration. As a result, whole life tends to be more expensive than term life plans, but offers more comprehensive coverage.

When attempting to retain valuable employees, employee benefits in San Francisco can play a large role in making sure employee’s needs are met. By offering your employees comprehensive insurance plans, you can rest assured they will remain satisfied by working with your company for years to come.


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