Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance is Important for Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, hired non owned auto insurance might be something you should consider purchasing. Although your first thought may be to minimize expenses by avoiding insurance payments for situations that might not come up very often, the business world is notorious for its surprises. It’s best to be prepared for the following situations:


1. Delegating errands to employees who will use their own cars.


Any time that you send an employee on an errand and the employee uses his or her own vehicle, your business could be deemed responsible for an accident should one occur. Even if such errands are brief and infrequent, insurance is important if your employees are driving. You never know when you will need someone to pick something up for you, so it’s best to be covered just in case. Then you can have your employees drive to bring back lunch on a regular basis and rest assured that an accident won’t result in disastrous expenses on the part of your business.


2. Renting a car in a business-related situation.


Hired non owned auto insurance also comes into play if you rent a car during a business trip. As your business grows and you and your colleagues and employees travel more frequently, you will also need protection against the financial repercussions of accidents that may occur while you are away.