Using An Information Audit To Revitalize Your Website

Businesses of all kinds have to reach out to their customers and insurance agencies are no different. Marketing techniques successfully applied in other business fields can be used by insurance agencies looking for new ways to connect with their clients.

Creating an Up-to-Date Website

Insurance website design experts recommend that a website receive a design evaluation every one to two years. This periodic informational audit will identify changes and updates that need made. Pay particular attention to:

  • Employee names. Are the people named on your website still employed at the organization? Do they hold the same position or do they have a different job title? Make sure the names on the site reflect current personnel.
  • Contact information. What phone numbers and email addresses are listed? Are the mailing addresses and physical street addresses correct? Outdated contact information is a top customer complaint.
  • Insurance policy and product descriptions. Insurance agencies sometimes shift their service offerings and their insurance website design needs to reflect those changes. Do the product and policy descriptions on your website accurately reflect your current offerings?
  • Technical compatibility. This portion of a website audit should be done by design experts. People use laptop computers, desktops, smart phones, and tablet computers to access the Internet; this leads to conflicts in compatibility. There are now design strategies that can compensate for these conflicts.

Arranging for Website Redesign

If you’re ready to update your website, contact an insurance website design company. They have experience working with agencies like yours and can develop a professional site that’s compatible with current Internet technology and that has the information your customers are looking for.