The Ins and Outs of Education Insurance

The American education institution functions much like many other industries in the country; it is a business that offers specific services, while relying on profits to grow and thrive. And just like all other large businesses, schools are responsible for managing such factors as employee benefits, liability protection, and workers’ comp coverage. However, many types of education facilities require a higher level of insurance coverage to accommodate their specific circumstances and needs. Listed below are a few factors that may distinguish education insurance coverage from other kinds of liability policies.

Public school insurance Indiana In addition to being held liable for the safety and care of employees like teachers, administrative staff, and maintenance crews, most schools are responsible for the health and well being of students as well. Public school insurance in Indiana, for example, may include coverage for everything from auto protection to molestation claims. And given that many private, charter, and fine arts schools retain minor children as students, they are accountable as guardians of sorts for the protection of their students.

Other unique circumstances that might be considered in regards to education insurance packages include factors like travel and property protection. School functions, fundraisers, and field trips may take place off-campus, but the school can still be held liable for the protection of its students and staff. Similarly, the destruction of personal property may be charged against the school if it takes place during a school-sponsored event or activity.

The specialized care and service that many schools offer place them in a position to require the appropriate levels of insurance coverage to protect teachers and students alike.