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As the nation and world commemorate the second anniversary of September 11, 2001, we want to acknowledge the contributions that so many have made over the past two years to healing the emotional wounds of that tragedy. We realize that the healing must continue well into the future, and that closure is a goal that can never be fully attained. However, we have been deeply moved by the courage and faith of the families and close friends who lost loved ones; they have been beacons in this dark time guiding all of us toward peace and away from further destruction. We have been inspired by the dedication and compassion of first responders and people who witnessed these tragedies first-hand, as they have discovered ways to re-build their communities and lead us all toward renewal. We have been privileged to work with hundreds of behavioral health and prevention specialists in Connecticut and nearby States who have taken up the call to prepare for future crises–small and large–in an effort to take as much of the “terror” out of “terrorism” as humanly possible. We are honored to support these people and join with them in making the second 9/11 anniversary a time of re-dedication to achieving safety for our children and families and commemorating our spiritual connections to those who did not survive physically but are always with us in our hearts.