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CTRP http://www.ctrp.org Trauma Care Thu, 30 Jul 2015 10:30:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Tips to Improve Insurance Websites http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/tips-to-improve-insurance-websites/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/tips-to-improve-insurance-websites/#comments Thu, 30 Jul 2015 10:30:25 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=628 What sets one insurance website apart from another? The answer is the ability to get visitors to return again and again, as well as refer others to the site. Insurance websites, aside from good content, need four things to make them the place to stop, and shop. How is this accomplished?

  1. EngagementYou want your website visitors to engage with you, whether online through quote and/or customer service forms, or by calling your office. Making this process less difficult will make your visitors feel appreciated and welcomed. Encourage any and all feedback, even the negative type. Knowing that you’re willing to listen goes a long way toward building trust with consumers, plus your agency will seem more genuine when you talk about great customer service and your customers will feel like they’re important to you. Make sure you respond and follow up in a timely manner. There’s nothing worse than encouraging engagement on your website and not responding when your customers reach out.
  2. Personality – Bring your personality online through your agency colors; include pictures of you and your team, and reach them through your blog. These are the things that make your agency stand out from the competition. Use words and content that fit your personality. For example, if your agency is casual, don’t use formal language and vice versa. If your website is just a copy of everyone else’s, consumers won’t get a chance to know the real you and they’ll quickly lose interest. People like to do business with people, and companies, they actually like, so don’t be afraid to let your personality show through.
  3. Resource – Becoming a resource can really make your website a favorite insurance destination. Unfortunately, you really can’t afford to give away or discount your products, so the best way to reward visitors is by offering free information. For instance, provide free reports that can be downloaded on your website that includes a list of related service providers like banks, mortgage brokers, carpet cleaners, and gardeners, as just a few suggestions.
  4. User-Friendly – Finally, one of the quickest ways to lose website traffic is to have a website that is hard to use. Bad navigation, graphics that don’t load or run slowly, broken links and missing or incorrect information are just a few ways websites can be hard to use and turn people away. Insurance websites don’t have to be inventive; they just have to be accessible.
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Legal Concerns and Dog Bite Quote Solutions http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/legal-concerns-and-dog-bite-quote-solutions/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/legal-concerns-and-dog-bite-quote-solutions/#comments Tue, 28 Jul 2015 12:45:53 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=625 Dog owners not only need to understand local laws pertaining to their responsibilities if someone becomes an unfortunate victim of their dog, they also need to get a Dog Bite Quote for insurance to help pay legal and medical costs. It can help greatly if they can prove the animal was provoked in any way. For example, if your dog bites a child in response to constant teasing and/or cruelty by that young person, the dog’s owner may be able to gain a better legal position by notifying the parents that he or she had actually observed the teasing or cruelty taking place.

This notification should be made both verbally and in writing by mail (certified mail is recommended), and the owner should also keep a record of any and all events. If the actions are serious enough (i.e. rocks tossed or thrown, hitting the dog with a stick, etc.), those incidents should be reported to the local authorities and/or animal control department as well as humane organizations. It will help in establishing a legal defense by documenting acts of animal cruelty, for which the law could mandate psychological treatment or possibly jail for the offender.

Ways to help your pet avoid aggressive behavior

There are several ways to stem the tide of bad behavior, especially for normally aggressive dogs:

  • Enrolling your dog in obedience classes
  • Neutering male dogs can significantly reduce dominance problems and some other forms of aggression
  • Make sure your dog gets lots of appropriate exercise
  • Keep dogs on a leash or physically fenced area when outside
  • Never leave young children alone with a dog, and
  • Teach children (and adults) how to behave around animals

Inform houseguests that they shouldn’t disturb your dog while sleeping or eating. Don’t tease, yell, or make sudden movements around dogs. Children (and adults) acting nervous around an animal often send off a message that most animals can pick up or sense.

If you are not confident around strangers, do not walk your dog near strangers. Also, demonstrate what it means to be a responsible dog owner. Being an irresponsible dog owner can lead to circumstances that can be detrimental to both you and your pet. If you need to purchase insurance we suggest you get a Dog Bite Quote as soon as possible.

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PEO Insurance Protect Those Who Help Others http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/peo-insurance-protect-those-who-help-others/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/peo-insurance-protect-those-who-help-others/#comments Fri, 24 Jul 2015 17:30:10 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=622 At first, it seemed like a match made in heaven-Tri-City Hardware and a new professional employment organization that opened up in the neighborhood. While the hardware store had been in business for more than 50 years and was firmly established and had even spawned two other locations, it was essentially a small family operation that realized that handling the human resources aspect of the business–what with background checks, drug screens and the like even before the final interview was even conducted-was more than they had the experience and knowledge to take care of efficiently and accurately, nor could they have any hope of affording the significant annual salary that such professionals would require. So, fearing a lawsuit, the store turned to the new firm that specialized in providing workers with expertise in certain fields-in this case, Staffing Solutions. As an expert in the field of human resources, employee benefits, risk management, and payroll administration, Staffing Solutions was a professional employment organization that could help Tri-City grow to the next level by providing human resources professionals, or so they thought. What actually happened was an incident that found Staffing Solutions and the hardware store for which it provided human resources professionals facing incidents that found the firm had purchased PEO insurance.

What the policy covers

This policy offers a variety of coverage for the employees that the insured firm (in this case, Staffing Solutions) places within the premises of its clients-in this case, Tri-City-including employment practices liability, health insurance, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and a host of other employee benefits and other voluntary insurance protection. Thus, when one of the HR professionals was severely injured on the Tri-City premises, everyone concerned was relieved to know that Staffing Solutions’ policy would pay for the employee’s medical costs (she was hospitalized with a compound fracture in her left leg for weeks), as well as physical therapy and lost wages during the months she was unable to work.

Find out more from your agent

Contact a professional insurance agent to learn more about PEO insurance and how it can provide protection for your company as you provide direction for companies that need the skills and expertise of your employees.

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Improving SEO with Security in Mind http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/improving-seo-with-security-in-mind/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/improving-seo-with-security-in-mind/#comments Wed, 22 Jul 2015 13:00:33 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=619 It is quite ironic that the thing which helps bring your company to new levels of competitiveness and visibility can also be the thing that can bring your business to its knees. That thing, of course, is the Internet-and companies are being buffeted by a never-ending slew of cyber attacks (with security incidents costing businesses an average of $2.7 million annually, as determined in the Global State of Information Security survey conducted in 2015 by PwC). At the same time, the relentless charge to harness the power of the Internet in order to constantly improve insurance agency SEO, or search engine optimization, has not abated one bit. As you work to enhance discoverability and your position on ranking lists, it is important to consider the security aspect of everything you do; your clients and prospects will thank you.

Many firms want to offer seamless support to their clients, and likewise, consumers have come to expect the ability to conduct via your online presence just about every transaction that they could in your brick and mortar location. Thus, many companies sped to enable this capability, adding online payment capability rapidly-in some cases, too rapidly. One agency found this out for themselves when they learned that all the sensitive customer data they collected in the course of their online payment system was not nearly as secure as they’d thought. The system was hacked, and the personal data of more than 1,000 clients was stolen by the hackers. The agency moved quickly to stem the breach, hiring outside expertise to determine the source of the vulnerability, how many files were stolen, and how to build a patch in the system to bolster security (for example, employing security certificates and “https” instead of just “http”-moves that will actually improve search engine rankings as well as offer better security measures).

Next, the firm’s marketing team went into overdrive, creating a full-scale campaign that addressed the problem and provided full transparency as to how the company would handle the after-effects-including what has increasingly become the norm after such a breach, to offer customers a year of fraud watch services from a third-party provider, free of charge.

Insurance agency SEO will continue to be the rabbit on the dog track of the race to be at the top of the online who’s who. In your quest, ensure that you are addressing security as much as rankings and you’ll find that the former serves to enhance the latter.

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E&O Policy Protects When Policyholders Cut Things Too Close http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/eo-policy-protects-when-policyholders-cut-things-too-close/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/eo-policy-protects-when-policyholders-cut-things-too-close/#comments Sat, 18 Jul 2015 16:00:02 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=616 Do you offer a professional service? Then it is likely you need errors and omissions insurance, also known as E&O. That’s because no matter what kind of business you operate or service you provide, it is quite possible that at some point in your career you will make a mistake. Even if it’s a “simple” one, you could find yourself facing a liability claim from someone who claims that your mistake, inadequate work, negligent actions, or your failure to provide a portion of expected services, caused them financial loss. Now their claim could put you and your business at financial loss, unless you have the proper coverage.

The policy protects you and your firm by covering the cost of court fees, legal defense, and even damages payable to the plaintiff in the event of a lawsuit. This type of coverage is not included in the basic general liability or property insurance policy, so adding it to those coverages helps round out your protection bubble all the way around. This concept became very real when the owner of Paula’s Pets-let’s call her Paula-had a close shave when she got a bit too enthusiastic during a haircut for an owner’s prized poodle that was being groomed for a major dog show. Paula was very skilled, but on this occasion not only did she accidentally trim the dog’s fur in the wrong formation, she nicked one of the dog’s ears with her clippers when the animal (known in the prize ring as Dartagnan Malachi Show Me the Money), ruining the animal’s chances at appearing in the dog show that weekend. The owner was livid and vowed to sue Paula for everything she had. Her bootstrap business, which was just a few years into operating and had just started turning a profit, would never have been able to withstand paying out of Paula’s very shallow pockets for legal defense. Fortunately, the policy she’d purchased at the advice of her professional insurance agent meant that she had to pay only a small deductible and the insurance covered the rest, saving her $15,000 after all was said and done.

It is important to talk with a professional insurance agent to understand how much E&O insurance you need for your business. Your agent has access to top-rated coverage providers yet because policies are not necessarily apples-to-apples comparisons, your agent can offer experienced advice about which policy offers you the best bang for your buck. He or she can also ensure that your coverage is renewed on time so you won’t have any lapses in coverage. Call your agent today.

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Commercial Liability Protection, A Necessity for Every Business http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/commercial-liability-protection-a-necessity-for-every-business/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/commercial-liability-protection-a-necessity-for-every-business/#comments Thu, 16 Jul 2015 11:00:21 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=612 As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate to deal with. To control costs, you’re wearing a variety of hats, from CEO to accountant to salesperson, marketing director to customer service representative, manager to human resources executive. With so much to accomplish in a 24-hour period, it’s wise to understand what you can handle yourself as opposed to other aspects of the operation that may be best left to the experts. One case in point: the process of obtaining a commercial liability insurance quote for your firm.

The bedrock of protection for most companies

This policy represents the foundation upon which most companies build their entire liability insurance plan. In general, the policy offers coverage for claims (including associated costs and fees for legal defense) resulting from accidents, injuries, or negligence for which your company is found liable. Here are just a couple of examples for which this policy would offer protection:

Slip and fall. Your cleaning crew just finished mopping the bathroom. A customer enters and before you know it, she loses her footing and falls to the ground, breaking her wrist. The premises liability coverage in the policy will step in, protecting you for occurrences of liability stemming from the ownership, occupancy, or or use of a specific premise.

Butterfingers causes an operations liability incident, a risk frequently associated with contractors, manufacturers, or processors. Say you have a job site. A person walking by is injured when an employee accidentally drops a tool while working on scaffolding several feet above the sidewalk, hitting the passerby on the head. This incident is covered under the policy for injury or damage due to activities you conduct.

Don’t leave your business unprotected from risk

Your professional insurance agent has the experience and knowledge necessary to ask the right questions and navigate the complexities of the industry, analyzing your exposures to risk and select the right mix of insurance policies to offer protection. Contact your professional insurance agent for a commercial liability insurance quote and learn more about the variety of risks for which this important coverage will offer protection for your company.

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Workers Comp Coverage Evolves Over Time http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/workers-comp-coverage-evolves-over-time/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/workers-comp-coverage-evolves-over-time/#comments Tue, 14 Jul 2015 17:15:06 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=609 Today, many people go about their business with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’ll be protected with coverage (providing benefits that include medical payments and wage replacement) that their employers obtain from workers comp insurance companies in the event they suffer an illness or injury while on the job-but it wasn’t always that way. Long ago, workers who got hurt on the job rarely if ever were compensated voluntarily; their only hope was to sue their employer in a civil court of law, a move that was frequently difficult, expensive, and failed to yield the desired outcome.

The first countries to change their ways

Germany is considered one of the first countries to adopt laws that protect workers hurt on the job by mandating provision of benefits to employees who were injured or became disabled on the job. Prussia followed, passing legislation in 1884 that provides benefits for workplace accidents that included payments to workers for their medical care and rehabilitation. Called the Workers’ Accident Insurance law, the law also included an agreement that prevented employers from being sued by employees in civil courts-a system that formed the basis for what is now the workers compensation system in the United States. England’s Parliament was not to be outdone, in the same timeframe passing the Employer’s Liability Act, which offered coverage for employees’ injuries on the job that occurred because of their employer’s negligence but excluded accidents that were the fault of other employees. The law was replaced in 1897 with the Workmen’s Compensation Act, which more closely followed the watershed law adopted years earlier in Prussia.

The United States came to embrace the concept of protecting workers injured on the job on a state by state basis, with Georgia and Alabama being among the first to enact laws in 1855. Twenty-six additional states followed their example by 1907, although the laws were flawed-the failed to truly address the problem, and none of them “embodies an actual compensation principle and most simply said, ‘prove [the injury or illness was the fault of the employer’] and sue,” according to Lloyd Harger’s Workers’ Compensation, A Brief History. The federal government adopted the Federal Employer’s Liability Act in 1908 at the urging of President Roosevelt, offering protection for some federal workers whose duties were deemed hazardous. And finally, in 1911, Wisconsin and Washington states became the first to adopt compensation laws that were similar to those in Europe, with employers agreeing upfront to offer medical payments and wage benefits, with employees giving up their rights to sue their employer.

Today, there is as vast array of workers comp insurance companies in the industry that provide this key coverage. Talk to your professional insurance agent for advice on choosing the one that offers the best coverage for the price that fits your company’s budget.

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Easing the Burden that Puts Construction Management at Risk http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/easing-the-burden-that-puts-construction-management-at-risk/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/easing-the-burden-that-puts-construction-management-at-risk/#comments Mon, 13 Jul 2015 19:15:59 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=606 As a broker, you have a tough assignment when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the construction management industry. Every year it seems the landscape for the construction industry becomes even more complicated. They face a lot of challenges and concerns related to contractual requirements and the possibility of litigation, both of which are primary challenges that today’s contractors often face. This puts those in charge of construction management at risk in the course of doing their jobs.

While managing risk can be an arduous task when it comes to the construction industry, there are actually many areas in which to effectively manage these exposures. One way is by transferring risk to a responsible third party, such as a subcontractor, and the other is by reducing loss through added safety procedures and controlling job-site hazards. Helping general contractors (GCs) to implement risk management practices goes a long ways towards:

  • Controlling insurance costs
  • Protecting their assets
  • Reducing protracted legal disputes, and
  • Preserving current limits of insurance

Risk transference offers solid protection to GCs

By transferring risk to subcontractors they use on certain projects, GCs can better protect themselves. This includes indemnification, along with provisions that holds them harmless, as well as enforcing additional insured requirements in their construction contracts.

Having written contracts promote quality control, and the agreement between the general contractor and the subcontractor becomes a critical document in the event of a dispute. It should reflect the GCs own construction standards, as well as any construction standards that the GC has agreed to with the owner and each of the subcontractor’s warranties.

Since many liability exposures are present both during the construction process and often for a considerable time thereafter, the GC must also reduce potential liability losses by controlling construction job-site hazards and any other exposures.

Construction site safety practices should include, but are not limited to, perimeter security fencing and warning signs, limiting job-site visitors to authorized persons only, properly assembling scaffolding, implementing hazard communication standards between workers, implementing slip and fall protection standards, and having designated delivery areas along with requiring delivery personnel to follow all safety practices. This is a solid strategy for reducing the likelihood of putting construction management at risk.

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Questions to Ask About Your Home Insurance When You Move http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/questions-to-ask-about-your-home-insurance-when-you-move/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/questions-to-ask-about-your-home-insurance-when-you-move/#comments Tue, 30 Jun 2015 10:00:33 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=602 Be sure you ask your home insurance agent a few essential questions if you plan on moving out of Orlando to another city or state. Moving is already stressful enough, and by getting the jump on switching home insurance in Orlando, FL to your new location, you can avoid a lot of frustration and get the best protection for yourself and your new home.

What Kind of Insurance Will You Have in Your New Location?

Since insurance requirements vary from state-to-state, insurance coverage also varies. Find out if the insurance offered in your new location meets all of your needs and if you’ll need to make adjustments to your current policy. If you’re moving to a location that’s prone to flooding, be sure you ask about flooding insurance requirements.

Will You Need to Make Any Changes to Your Policy?

Even if you remain in Florida, you’ll more than likely need an entirely new home insurance policy. The reason is your coverage is based on the location and characteristics of your home. Before you contact your agent about changing home insurance in Orlando, FL, be sure you have the square footage, interior finishes, roof type and age of your new home.

Will You Pay More or Less for Insurance?

Depending on the features of your new home, you may pay more or less for your new premiums. Asking your insurance provider this question as soon as you know you’re moving allows you to prepare your finances accordingly.

Don’t put off changing your home insurance until moving day. Bring your agent into the loop and keep him there until you’re settled in your new residence.

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Which Financial Losses Can Cyber Risk Insurance Help Cover? http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/which-financial-losses-can-cyber-risk-insurance-help-cover/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/which-financial-losses-can-cyber-risk-insurance-help-cover/#comments Mon, 29 Jun 2015 14:00:40 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=599 Many business owners know that cyber breaches can lead to significant financial liability if an affected third party takes legal action. However, it can be easier to overlook the immediate costs that a business may face even if no claims are made. Fortunately, a strong cyber risk insurance policy can address many of these expenses, including the following ones.

Legally Mandated Measures

After a cyber breach, businesses are required to take several actions. These include investigating the breach, giving notice to people who were affected and setting up an information center for these people. Businesses also generally must provide ongoing credit monitoring for affected clients or employees. These undertakings can quickly become expensive.

Lost Business

The short-term disruption or long-term loss of business associated with a cyber attack can also prove costly. Businesses may face all of the following expenses:

  • Lost revenue if operations ceased due to a cyber attack
  • Costs of getting the business up and running again
  • Expenses associated with publicly managing the situation and maintaining client trust

General business interruption policies may not cover these costs, which makes cyber risk insurance especially important.

Ransoms or Extortions

Some attackers extort money from businesses by threatening a cyber attack if a ransom is not paid. Cyber liability insurance may cover this cost, provided that a threat is found legitimate and capable of significantly affecting a business.

Minimizing Losses

These potential costs underscore why most businesses can benefit from purchasing cyber liability insurance. Cyber threats or attacks can introduce various unique and potentially crippling expenses. The right insurance policy is the only way that business owners can truly ensure protection against this threat.

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