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CTRP http://www.ctrp.org Trauma Care Mon, 23 Mar 2015 15:00:44 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Insurance Mistakes That Might Cost You Money http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/insurance-mistakes-that-might-cost-you-money/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/insurance-mistakes-that-might-cost-you-money/#comments Mon, 23 Mar 2015 15:00:44 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=462 When most people get a quote for their business insurance, they want to pay as little as possible for the protection they need. Sadly, insurance isn’t free, and it is important to get the right coverage. However, simple mistakes can increase the cost you pay for your New Jersey insurance.

Classifying Workers Incorrectly

It is important to properly classify your workers on your insurance policy. This is particularly important with worker’s compensation coverage. If you do not classify the workers correctly, your premiums might increase. In addition, make sure that you are separating independent contractors from actual employees on your policy. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what type of worker someone is. If you are unsure, make sure to talk to a professional so you don’t overpay on your New Jersey insurance.

Paying for Coverage You Don’t Need

A lot of businesses pay for insurance they do not need. Insurance is important to protect yourself. However, make sure you are not paying for something you will not use in the future.

Failure to Implement Low Cost Initiatives

Finally, there are easy low cost initiatives that can decrease the cost of your insurance policy. For example, an alarm system or security cameras minimize your risk of theft and can also decrease the cost of insurance. If you are guilty of these mistakes, it might be a good idea to talk to an insurance agent.

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Things That Affect Homeowners Insurance NJ Rates http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/things-that-affect-homeowners-insurance-nj-rates/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/things-that-affect-homeowners-insurance-nj-rates/#comments Wed, 18 Mar 2015 17:45:43 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=459 It is important for you to be able to comfortably cover the cost of your homeowners’ insurance. In that vein, there are 4 key things that can affect your homeowners’ insurance NJ rates.

1. Location

If the area in which your home is located presents significant risks, you will most likely face higher rates. A few common things that can increase your rates include:

  • If your home is in a high-crime area
  • If building costs are high in the area
  • If your home is at risk for natural disasters

2. Age and Construction

Newer homes are considered in better shape than older homes, so a new home can help to reduce your costs. If your home is older, yet is made of sturdy, fire resistant materials, you could receive cheaper rates than homeowners with homes constructed of flammable materials, such as wood.

3. Risk Factors

Some commodities are considered risk factors and can increase your rates, or may not be covered at all. Common risk factors are:

  • Guest homes
  • Swimming pools
  • Trampolines
  • Aggressive dog breeds

4. Your History

Your credit and claims histories may affect your insurance coverage costs. Having a high credit score and few to no insurance claims can help to reduce your rates.

Proper insurance is beneficial but it does not have to be expensive. By keeping the aforementioned things in mind and adjusting accordingly, you can secure reasonable homeowners’ insurance NJ rates.

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Key Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/key-factors-that-affect-your-auto-insurance-premium/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/key-factors-that-affect-your-auto-insurance-premium/#comments Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:30:41 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=454 If you’re in search of cheap auto insurance in Orlando Florida, the first step is finding out exactly what factors affect your premium. The better your understanding of how the auto insurance industry works, the better your chances of saving money on insurance expenditures. Here’s a look at some of the factors that insurers use to determine what you’ll pay for a premium:

Your Age

Insurance rates tend to be higher for the old and young, because statistics indicate these age groups are at much greater risk for an accident.

Your Claims History

The less claims you make, the lower your auto insurance premium. Insurance companies are more hesitant to insure those who have made claims on multiple occasions for fear the trend will continue.

Your Credit History

Studies indicate a direct connection between your ability to pay back debts and your level of risk while out on the road.

Your Address

Fair or not, your home address affects how much you pay for auto insurance. Factors like crime rate play a key role in determining final insurance costs.

Your Marital Status

History indicates that married individuals are at lower risk for accidents than singles, and this shows in insurance premiums.

While assessing where you fall in the aforementioned categories will give you an idea of whether you can obtain cheap auto insurance in Orlando Florida, you’ll want to check with your agent for specific premium rates and information.

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The Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/the-benefits-of-business-interruption-insurance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/the-benefits-of-business-interruption-insurance/#comments Tue, 24 Feb 2015 08:45:52 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=429 As anyone who has ever owned or operated a business will tell you, deciding to start a company is the easy part. But making it a success takes proper planning, a strategy, and some real business sense. Many owners succeed by doing all the little things right, but being prepared for any mishaps or unforeseen contingencies — that’s where the real challenges lie.

The most successful businessmen are those that take the time to investigate, and invest in, an array of business insurance policies geared to protect them from any circumstances, both known and unknown. There are many business insurance options available, and among them is one vital piece of coverage known as business interruption insurance, but the process of simply choosing insurance policies can become overwhelming, which should lead to a host of questions.

Obviously, the process can be simplified through the knowledge of an insurance agent who can provide some insight and help determine which products and services best fit your needs. But it also helps to have an understanding of many of the more basic business insurance policies out there as you begin the process. Let’s look at a few of the general types of business insurance options that most owners will likely need:

  • Property insurance is one of the basic necessities for a business, one that protects the business against damage or loss to its physical assets
  • Casualty insurance provides protection against legal liability for injuries sustained on company property, as well as damage to property not belonging to the business
  • General liability provides coverage for damages your business may cause to other’s health, property, or possibly their reputation, and covers everything from legal matters due to accidents involving employees, injuries to customers, and other similar claims of negligence, such as false or misleading advertisement
  • Umbrella policies come in handy when the limits of coverage on other insurance policies are reached, since it will cover any costs beyond limits of the other policies, and
  • Business interruption insurance will help get a business back up and running in the event that a catastrophic event causes a loss in the business’ stream of income

For example, business interruption insurance would cover lost sales, rent, and payroll in the event that you had to rebuild your business following an accident, as well as help pay for temporary office space and/or equipment. Make the smart choice by speaking to an agent about your business coverage needs.



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Enlisting the Help of an Insurance Marketing Company http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/enlisting-the-help-of-an-insurance-marketing-company/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/enlisting-the-help-of-an-insurance-marketing-company/#comments Fri, 20 Feb 2015 22:15:23 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=425 Most successful insurance agency websites are the work of an insurance marketing company that specializes in designing Internet sites in such a way that they attract more visitors. They come equipped with a set of objectives, strategies and tactics that will improve any online presence, with marketing activities designed to help achieve your financial goals.

It requires getting to know how a company perceives themselves, and what image they want to present to their target audience. While this may sound like an uncomplicated task, putting together a sound marketing plan requires knowing where your agency is right now, where they want to be a year from now, and how they plan to get there.

Determining your agency’s benchmark

As you begin the arduous task of coming up with marketing ideas that are going to help the agency grow, you need to set a benchmark indicating where your agency is now. In that way, you’ll be able to look back and see how your marketing efforts helped improve your agency’s growth, as well as identify which ideas worked for your agency and which didn’t. In this way, moving forward you don’t waste time or money on marketing ideas that don’t work. Answering the following questions may help in choosing a direction to go with your campaign:

  • What are my current sales (in dollars and number of policies sold) for the year?
  • Who are my current clients, how did they hear about my agency, and why did they decide on my agency over my competition?
  • What causes my agency to lose clients or potential sales?
  • Who are my competitors, and how is my agency different from the competition?
  • Does my agency have any niches or specialty areas that the competition doesn’t have?
  • What are we currently spending on marketing?
  • Where do we want to be at this time next year?

Once a benchmark has been established, start thinking about where your company wants to go. Start off by setting some specific goals. Then, when you’re ready, enlist the help of an insurance marketing company that understands exactly who you are, and how to help you succeed in the marketplace. Selling insurance is easy, but you are working in a very competitive field. After you complete the first year of your marketing plan, you should be able to measure your success more easily.


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Auto Coverage and Preparation Help Protect from Winter Storms http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/auto-coverage-and-preparation-help-protect-from-winter-storms/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/auto-coverage-and-preparation-help-protect-from-winter-storms/#comments Fri, 20 Feb 2015 15:15:34 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=420 “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go” isn’t just a traditional song, it’s a real tradition with the Anderson family. They make a pilgrimage to visit their Nana every few weeks to spend the day with her. The problem is, the trip can get a little hair-raising in the wintertime, because runoff from higher elevations can turn normally gentle streams into raging rivers which make getting there decidedly less than half the fun. In fact, many people are unaware that automobile accidents are the leading cause of death during winter storm activity. So while it is important to get CT car insurance to protect yourself in terms of bodily injury and property damage and more, it is just as important to prepare yourself for driving during the cold weather season.


Before starting out, have a mechanic check to make sure the following are in good working condition:


  • Battery
  • Antifreeze level and thermostat in the radiator
  • Ignition and exhaust system
  • Lights, including flashing hazard lights
  • Heater and defroster
  • Brakes
  • Oil (winter-grade)
  • Winter tires
  • Windshield wipers and washer fluid


Start out on a long trip with a full tank of gas. Watch weather reports to time your trip and help ensure you won’t be driving right into a major storm. If you encounter flooded roadways, try to find an alternate route; water is often deeper than it appears, and you can lose control of your vehicle when water is only a few inches deep, losing the ability to steer, stop or move ahead. The engine can stall, rendering all power-assisted systems inoperable.


It’s also a good idea to take the time right at the start of the new year to sit down with your professional insurance agent and update your coverage, especially if Santa brought you a shiny new ride. Your agent can obtain CT car insurance quotes, then assemble a comprehensive program covering you in the event of an accident. With the right policy and advanced preparation to protect you before you hit the road, you’ll be all set to make it to Nana’s in time for a nice lunch.


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Why Errors and Omissions Insurance Is a Smart Business Move http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/errors-omissions-insurance-smart-business-move/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/errors-omissions-insurance-smart-business-move/#comments Fri, 13 Feb 2015 15:45:14 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=417 Everyone makes mistakes, both in life and in business. Some mistakes are minor and can be easily fixed or corrected, while others are more substantial and the effects are far-reaching. When it comes to the business world, companies are increasingly opting to purchase errors and omissions, or E&O insurance, to minimize their financial risks in the event that one of those mistakes is made. But just what is errors and omissions insurance?

Errors and Omissions, In Brief

This type of insurance covers you or your business in the event that a client experiences a financial loss as a result of a service you provided, or failed to appropriately provide. Virtually anyone who charges money for a professional service is at risk for E&O exposure.

What Types of Situations Does E&O Insurance Cover?

Because it applies to so many different professions, there are numerous situations where E&O insurance could come into play. Say youre a corporate events planner and you book the hotel, conference rooms and all activities for the week of June 24 instead of July 24. Everyone shows up in June ready to roll  except for the business associates. Who is going to pay the professionals for your error? This is just one example of many where E&O insurance would prove tremendously useful.

Now that you know just what is errors and omissions insurance, ask yourself if you or your business is a good candidate. If youre not sure, contact an insurance agent for more information.



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Invest in Yourself With Individual Doctor Disability Insurance http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/invest-individual-doctor-disability-insurance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/invest-individual-doctor-disability-insurance/#comments Wed, 11 Feb 2015 18:15:13 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=409 To become a physician requires many years of study and practical application, plus a sizable investment. You may expect that with more hard work in your field, all that education and experience will offer the rewards of financial security. The best plans may be interrupted, however, when your practice is suspended due to an unforeseen illness. You are your most important asset. One way to protect the income level you have worked so hard to attain is to carry sufficient medical practitioner disability insurance.

What May Prevent You From Working?

Disability statistics provide a sobering look at how people may lose income from loss of work due to an injury or illness. Approximately 30% of all working people between 35 and 65 will suffer a disability that lasts at least 90 days, while 70% of that number will be out of work due to illness. Some examples of debilitating conditions include:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Cancer
  • ALS, or Lou Gehrig
  • Anxiety disorder

Income Protection for Short and Long Term Leave

A medical practitioner disability policy appropriate to your situation addresses a variety of potential circumstances. The plan should be clear on what constitutes a disability and what the benefit terms of for a partial disability. Individual plans may have certain advantages over group plans as far as renewability and portability. Also, unlike many individual plans, group policies may be cancelled at any time. Make sure you are fully invested with yourself with the right disability insurance.



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Why You Need Professional Liability Insurance While Working as a Nurse http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/need-professional-liability-insurance-working-nurse/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/need-professional-liability-insurance-working-nurse/#comments Wed, 11 Feb 2015 18:00:12 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=403 You likely chose the nursing profession because of an inherent desire to help others, and you probably never considered the fact that such a career puts you at risk if something goes wrong or if an outcome is less than desirable. Nursing is a naturally risky profession, and this is true even for those who are the best in their field. In today’s society, it’s more critical than ever that you protect yourself and your career in the event that a claim is filed against you, and here’s why professional liability for nurses is such an important asset for those in the healthcare industry.

More People Die From Medical Errors Than Car Accidents, Breast Cancer or the AIDS Virus

With increasing numbers of deaths and serious injuries resulting from medical mistakes, more and more nurses are being named in malpractice claims. Many of these claims center on medication dosage or administration errors, but as the scope of the nursing career continues to expand, so do the areas in which nurses can be held accountable.

Nurses Aren’t Necessarily Covered by Their Employer’s Insurance

While some medical employers hold liability insurance, this is not always the case, and it also may not be enough to protect you and your career. Your employer could also potentially turn around and sue you for any money they had to part with on your behalf, and their policy may also have certain restrictions, such as not covering part-time or contract employees.

When you deal with life and death situations daily, you need to protect yourself and your career, and professional liability for nurses is the easiest way to do so.



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Two Tips for Marketing Your Insurance Agency on Social Media http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/two-tips-marketing-insurance-agency-social-media/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/two-tips-marketing-insurance-agency-social-media/#comments Mon, 09 Feb 2015 19:45:33 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=398 Social media has changed the way most people interact with each other. For this reason, today’s businesses have adapted their marketing strategies to include social media channels. Marketing on social media allows you to interact with your customers and potential customers on a more personal level. If you have an insurance agency, insurance social media marketing is a great resource to grow your business. Here are two simple tips to help you make the most of this tool.

1 – Be Unique

Social media is not the place for generic ads. Instead, it is better to provide unique content that is tailored to the customer. If you want to succeed with your insurance social media efforts, try to be original in your content. You can ask questions, link to blog articles, publish videos, and more.

2 – Know Your Audience

Next, make sure you understand your audience. If you are using multiple social media outlets, each audience might be a little bit different. In these instances, it might be smart to tailor your message to each particular group of people. Individuals are more likely to respond to content that is generated for them rather than something generic. Be patient with your insurance social media efforts, and make sure to implement a strategy that will allow you to succeed. Overtime, you are likely to reap results from your efforts.


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