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CTRP http://www.ctrp.org Trauma Care Thu, 23 Apr 2015 11:15:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Protecting Valuable Electronics and Orlando Home Insurance http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/protecting-valuable-electronics-and-orlando-home-insurance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/protecting-valuable-electronics-and-orlando-home-insurance/#comments Thu, 23 Apr 2015 11:15:09 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=529 Your home is your castle, but is it the fortress that you need it to be? Like many Americans today, you treasure your valuable electronics, such as your laptop, smartphone and wireless speaker system, which enable you to work at home, as well as enhance your social life and allow you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

But these items are also easy targets for burglars and thieves who may gain access to your house while you’re away and will steal these expensive items in order to make a quick buck. That’s why you need Orlando home insurance, which will allow you to replace items stolen from your home and these helpful protective tips will help you to protect your electronic devices from possible theft.

  1. Don’t leave your electronics in plain sight – Devices you leave in plain sight, for example on counter tops or coffee tables, are easy prey for a thief “casing a joint.” You will be better off putting your laptop or DVD player under lock and key when it’s in your home. You should never leave valuables of any type in your unlocked vehicle. Hide your electronics when not home and destroy the boxes they came in, since they are a clue as to what a criminal might find inside your home.
  2. Lock your doors whenever you leave – Ensure your home is locked tight when you leave the house (and even when you’re at home). Check all doors and windows before you go to bed as well. Also, remember to lock the garage, basement and attic entrances.
  3. Install LoJack on your valuables – Protect your laptop, tablet and smartphone by installing LoJack to protect sensitive data by locking thieves out of your device. LoJack will also assist police in locating your devices even if the hard drive has been wiped clean or the device is factory reset.
  4. Use password protection – Protect your passwords and encrypt them in order to prevent anyone but you from gaining access to your devices. Never give your device permission to remember your password for you because this will allow thieves to access your sites.
  5. Keep a record of all serial numbers – Record serial numbers and other pertinent information and keep it with your sales receipts in a secure location. The will aid police in finding your stolen electronics, and also carry Orlando home insurance for those times when you need to file a claim for any loss.

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Types of New Jersey Small Business Insurance Needed http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/types-of-new-jersey-small-business-insurance-needed/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/types-of-new-jersey-small-business-insurance-needed/#comments Wed, 22 Apr 2015 14:00:47 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=526 Running a small business means having a lot of responsibilities, including keeping your customers and employees safe, and this is better accomplished by having the right New Jersey small business insurance coverage. While obtaining insurance can’t prevent accidents from happening, it will help you to cover the costs if and when an incident or problem occurs.

What should your small business insurance cover?

Ideally, your business insurance policy will be based on the size and function of your company. For example, if you work from home, you’ll likely need less insurance than someone operating a storefront office. Those businesses that have customers entering their facility on a regular basis will need more insurance than a business that has few employees and little or no foot traffic.

All small businesses should cover their facility from the usual concerns, including fire, flood, or other types of building or structural damage concerns. You should also be sure to cover any assets, such as computers and electronics, inventory and stock if you sell products, and any other important tools and materials that are used to run your business.

Workers compensation is must need coverage

For anyone having employees it’s important to have coverage for any sort of injury or issue that could result from the type of work they perform or the existing conditions, and if you cater to customers coming into your business it’s extremely important to have general liability coverage for any injuries or issues that they may face as well.

Prevention really is worth a pound of cure

To further help to protect your business, you’ll need to take precautions to ensure that your property remains safe at all times. Ways to accomplish this include regular maintenance and taking precautions, including:

  • Cleaning up spills and slick spots
  • Marking steps and tripping hazards clearly
  • Repairing or removing broken objects to protect employees and others, and
  • Using proper quality control on products being provided to consumers

One of the best preventative measures, with regards to running a small business, is to always carry adequate amounts of New Jersey small business insurance coverage. Your insurance agent can help you with important decisions on just what kind of coverage is necessary to protect you from any liability issues now and in the future.

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Why Professionals Need Errors and Omissions Insurance http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/why-professionals-need-errors-and-omissions-insurance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/why-professionals-need-errors-and-omissions-insurance/#comments Mon, 20 Apr 2015 16:00:51 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=523 While many professionals require some type of liability coverage, errors and omissions insurance specifically covers real estate agents, among others, for most mistakes made while acting in a professional capacity on behalf of a client. This coverage is essential for anyone who, during the course of a normal business day, assists clients, makes suggestions or recommendations, provides designs solutions or represents the needs of others in any other similar way.

This includes consultants, telecommunication carriers, software developers, web designers, ad copywriters, placement services, and, a host of others. For example, any time a real estate agent acts on behalf of a client and is later accused of making a mistake, or negligent misrepresentation, such as failing to disclose a known material fact he or she was aware of, they run the risk of being sued.

Regardless of the outcome, there is the likelihood of the burden of paying legal defense costs. Fortunately E&O policies are designed to cover many of these defense costs, as well as the final judgment to the plaintiff, in the event that the licensee doesn’t win their case.

General Liability insurance doesn’t cover professional liability

General liability insurance absolutely will not cover individuals for claims associated with errors and omissions (E&O). Most liability policies either cover only accidents, as opposed to actual claims of professional errors, or have explicit exclusions stating that no E&O claims will be covered.

The different types of E&O policies available

In the early days, E&O insurance policies provided “occurrence” coverage. These types of policies covered all acts made during the coverage term, with little or no regard to when claims were actually made. Referred to as a “long tail” policy, they permitted the filing of claims up to twenty years after the covered mistake.

In the early 1980s, “claims made” policies were created, which only cover claims made while the policy is in effect, including a short “tail” period (usually around 60 days). There is an option available to an insured to cover acts prior to the start of the policy, using a “retroactive date”, and some policies can also provide “tail endorsements” if an insured wants a longer time period after the policy ends.

The “claims made” form of policy dramatically reduced coverage costs for errors and omissions insurance carriers, while providing a more stable and more manageable risk calculation. For specific questions regarding coverage options speak to a local insurer.

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Insuring Restaurants in California http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/insuring-restaurants-in-california/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/insuring-restaurants-in-california/#comments Mon, 20 Apr 2015 10:45:14 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=519 Restaurants are complicated, potentially dangerous enterprises. With so much happening, nearly anything that can happen will happen. Providing your clients with restaurant insurance in California is rewarding for you and your clients because it does so much good. There are many different areas that are covered under this type of insurance.

Standard Coverage

There are standard coverage areas provided by nearly every typical restaurant insurance policy. These areas include, but are not limited to, property, general liability and crime. These standard coverage areas provide a type of base-line coverage to make sure that all the main features of a restaurant are compensated for.

Additional Coverage Available

There are also additional coverage areas that can be added in order to provide more complete policies. These can include liquor liability, employee benefits, and employee/non-owned vehicle liability. These additional coverage areas make it easier for certain businesses to be completely covered by their insurance, but are not necessary for all restaurants. There are also some providers that offer even more selective coverage, including food contamination business interruption coverage and pollutant clean-up and removal, in order to more completely cover the restaurant industry.

When you offer restaurant insurance in California, you are offering every fine dining and table service establishment a chance at success. Through the standard and additional coverage areas, nearly everything is covered in order to allow your clients to do their best work in a safe environment.

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Rating Systems for MGAs Offer Customization http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/rating-systems-for-mgas-offer-customization/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/rating-systems-for-mgas-offer-customization/#comments Sun, 19 Apr 2015 12:00:17 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=517 There are certain features and benefits MGAs, Program Administrations, and insurance carriers look for in the way of an insurance rating system package. Insurance rating systems for MGAs have come a along way and continue to develop and improve. Once integrated with policy admin systems, these insurance specialists no longer have to rely on the use of different carrier rating systems. Now, there are commercial insurance rating systems available that are fully integrated with a policy admin system that makes customization by the MGA or Program Administrator a much simpler task.

Companies that provide software to support all ISO-based commercial insurance lines offered are vital for those looking to streamline their operations, which is a viable way to save in both human and financial resources. This is an advantage for the agencies that work with MGAs with a turnkey rating program. Agents are able to get quotes faster and focus more time on other aspects of their business, including generating sales and building more and better customer relationships.

Not all rating systems are equal

For example, an insurance rating system designed for agencies will not really work effectively for an MGA, Program Administrator or insurance company that is solely interested in providing solutions for their niche markets. This requires a commercial lines rating system that is designed to provide specific product solutions and once integrated with an MGA administration and policy issuance system, will save lots of valuable time and money, as well as eliminating duplication of any work performed.

MGAs utilize rating systems to “lighten the load”

Insurance and brokerage duties for Program Administrators and MGAs can be vastly different from one agency to another. MGAs are often faced with unique challenges within their industry due to having a wide range of customers and clients, and often dealing with specialized claims. An insurance rating system may help to provide more accurate online ratings and quotes to customers.

It’s pretty clear that, with the help of rating systems for MGAs, many specialized agents, brokers, and underwriters are constantly improving their level of performance. With insurance rating systems for MGAs, MGAs get a system designed for the markets they serve, along with features for customization for clients’ to allow the agency to see and experience the company brand.

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Useful Insurance Sales Marketing Strategies http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/useful-insurance-sales-marketing-strategies/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/useful-insurance-sales-marketing-strategies/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 19:00:44 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=514 With the insurance industry being so highly competitive, insurance agents are trying everything, often using a lot of the same methods, in order to win over new customers. This means that agencies need to continually stay on top of their marketing game by applying effective and more innovative insurance sales marketing techniques to win over customers. Fortunately, there are some tried and true ways to accomplish this in a professional manner that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

The importance of selling yourself

Those looking to purchase insurance often find the process to be a very emotional and personally taxing experience. After all, purchasing the wrong product, or inefficient amounts can be disastrous. As the person who is selling insurance, you need to understand that your customers are looking to purchase the best products and services, but they’re also looking for an agent they feel comfortable working with, and one they can trust.

This is where your personality, along with your picture on the website or in marketing materials, comes into play. It’s an added value that customers and prospects can identify with you. By getting customers to make that special connection to you, they’re much more likely to want to do business with you.

Making good use of a newsletter

Having a newsletter, either an email version or a printed hard copy, can help you to share important industry information, tips and advice with your customers. This process of sharing information with prospects and customers that they can apply to real-life situations helps you to build credibility with your audience, and credibility leads to customers wanting to do business with you as you’re being perceived as one who is very knowledgeable about insurance products.

Taking the time to do customer check-ups

Make a habit of at least once or twice a year sending a direct mail postcard or letter to your customers. This simple task keeps you in your clients’ minds while showing your interest and concern in their current status. You can suggest they come in to review their insurance policies, and also remind them to inform you if their situation has changed so you can both work together to make any necessary changes in coverage.

This is an indirect form of insurance sales marketing because, while you’re not trying to sell them on a specific insurance product or service, you are showing thoughtfulness, which may lead to a sale if the customer has a need for a new or changed policy, or they may give you a referral leading to new business.

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What is Workers Compensation Insurance? http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/what-is-workers-compensation-insurance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/what-is-workers-compensation-insurance/#comments Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:45:08 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=511 Due to the type of duties they regularly perform, there are a lot of dangers pertaining to workers in the health care industry, putting it in line with construction, trucking, and meatpacking, as far as nonfatal injury rates are concerned. With our fast-growing elderly population, nursing homes have risen to become major care providers to the elderly within the health care industry. The number of elderly and disabled Americans residing in nursing homes is approximately 1.5 million, and nurse’s aides provide the majority of their care.

Owners of nursing homes have never had to ask the question, “What is workers compensation insurance?” Nursing homes rank among the top 10 industries for workers’ compensation claims as a result of musculoskeletal problems, which is one of the major causes of worker absenteeism and worker injury. Reported rates of musculoskeletal injury among workers in other occupations have not been nearly as high as those among nursing home workers.

What triggers injuries in health care workers?

Nursing home employees perform many physically taxing activities, such as transferring residents to and from their beds, lifting heavy loads, and oftentimes working in awkward postures. In addition to this they are constantly manipulating the technology that supports patient care, which can also be physically straining. The increased worker injury rates can be directly linked to increased exposure to dangerous working conditions along with diminished recovery time between these exposures.

Worker injuries in health care facilities associated with staffing numbers and the skill levels of those employees have been previously examined, but because health care institutions have been required to perform more efficiently, the resultant changes are lower staffing levels and, with an increase in patients, the number of work related injuries have increased as well.

A review of the impact of staffing on health care by the Institute of Medicine noted that there is empirical evidence that shows back injuries among nurses are directly associated with staffing levels. What is workers compensation insurance? It’s the best line of defense for getting medical attention to workers requiring assistance, as well as financial support for workers who must miss work as a result of those injuries.

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Spring Cleaning Tips and Orlando Insurance http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/spring-cleaning-tips-and-orlando-insurance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/spring-cleaning-tips-and-orlando-insurance/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 18:00:42 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=495 Now that the days are beginning to get longer and the weather starting to get a little warmer for some, it’s time to start thinking about spring and what we need to do around the house (at least we hope that this is the case). And whether or not spring arrives on time, here are a few tips for you homeowners intended to help you to get ready for the warmer months ahead.

Getting the house ready for spring

Although everyone thinks of cleaning when it comes to spring, some houses may be in need of repair, and while the weather here in Orlando has been anything but fierce, we know that there are a number of things you can do to make sure your home is ready when the weather in Florida changes, however slightly. This is also a good time to review your Orlando insurance for your home and make any necessary changes to your policy. Below is a selection of maintenance tasks from the National Center for Healthy Housing:

  • Check to make sure your roof’s shingles are in good condition
  • Check your attic for any possible roof leaks that should be repaired
  • Look for signs of peeling paint and do the necessary repair and/or touch up as needed
  • Check for signs of leaks at window and doorsills and use caulking or weather stripping to properly seal
  • Clean your dryer vent and make sure exhaust ducts are clear of lint
  • Make sure there are no puddles or wet spots in your basement or crawlspace
  • Look for signs of infestation (rodents, roaches, termites, etc.) and call an exterminator if you notice animal droppings
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts and replace any that are broken or damaged
  • Clean air conditioner coils and drain pans and replace filters in your air conditioner and dehumidifier
  • Check and replace the batteries your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and
  • Store winter heaters, ensuring that liquid-fuel heaters are completely emptied

Your home is likely one of the most valued possessions you own and you owe it to yourself to keep it in tiptop condition. If your home requires any major repairs this is the time to contact your Orlando insurance agent and get the problem properly addressed.


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Do You Have Enough Homeowners Insurance? http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/do-you-have-enough-homeowners-insurance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/do-you-have-enough-homeowners-insurance/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 17:00:13 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=499 When you first buy your home, you may not have a lot of assets. Over the years, as your income increases and you save to make large purchases, you add value to your house. Getting an annual review of your insurance ensures you have the insurance you need to meet your needs. Find a company that works with you to provide NJ homeowners insurance quotes to fit your budget.

Consider that piece of art you bought to help out your friend’s gallery. The artist went on to become more famous or died, and now your artwork is worth even more. Would your insurance cover the full value if it were damaged in a fire?

Property values go up over time. When was the last time you had your home appraised at market value? Most people don’t think about an appraisal until they’re ready to move, but your homeowners insurance valuation is based off your last appraisal. If the worst happens, would you be able to rebuild your home?

Work with your insurance agent to get NJ homeowners insurance quotes for your home and lifestyle. Don’t risk the largest asset in your portfolio by not updating your policy. Find the right company to help you protect your financial future by having comprehensive coverage for your home and family. Work with your insurance agent to make sure you have the peace of mind no matter what happens.


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CT Homeowners Insurance and Preventive Maintenance http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/ct-homeowners-insurance-and-preventive-maintenance/ http://www.ctrp.org/insurance/ct-homeowners-insurance-and-preventive-maintenance/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 15:45:33 +0000 http://www.ctrp.org/?p=508 As you look out your window at streets no longer covered in snow (hopefully) now is likely a good time to start concentrating on a little ritual we commonly refer to as “spring cleaning”. With winter finally nearing its end and spring just beginning its calmer and gentler season, there’s no better time to work on a couple of those home improvement plans you may have been talking about for quite some time now.

Doing so could prevent major damage that could require that you file a costly claim with your CT homeowners insurance agency, and that could lead to paying higher premiums in the future, and who wants that? Here are two worthwhile projects that are perfect for a spring home makeover and this could additionally add to the resale value of your house.

Update your old rain gutters

If you had the opportunity to experience heavy rainfall in your area recently, this might have been a good indicator for just how well your rain gutters are holding up. After all, without rain gutters, or those in need of replacement, your home would be defenseless against the raging rainstorms that occasionally hit this area. The resulting water could erode the soil around the foundation, splashing dirt onto the siding of the house and creating leaks down into the basement, all possibly causing internal damage to the house.

Investing in new gutters can help to cut maintenance to a minimum — which means no more climbing onto the roof to clean out any clogs. Shop for a product that can help lead water away from your house, along with keeping leaves and other objects from clogging up the system.

Repairing the roof can help you to avoid more costly repairs

This year’s record snowfalls took a toll on plenty of roofs in the state of Connecticut. Your home’s roof may have experienced damage that has gone undetected, causing moisture to seep in between the cracks and creases resulting in the disintegration of some of the shingles. We suggest that you have the roof inspected and, if necessary, repaired by a professional roofer.

These are just two ways in which you can save a whole lot of money by doing some preventive maintenance to the exterior of your home in order to protect the interior. If any serious damage did occur, you can be comforted to know that your CT homeowners insurance will provide the necessary relief. Speak to your agent with any questions or concerns.

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