Workers Compensation Solutions for Large Companies

Workers Compensation Solutions for Large Companies

Larger businesses have many unique challenges when finding workers compensation insurance for their company. If you are running into issues with your plan, look for a business that offers these solutions for Delaware large account workers compensation.

  • Large deductible plans – when you have a large premium, your business might find better options through self-insurance. You won’t have so many filing requirements when you have a fund that pays for the first portion of the loss, but you will have catastrophic coverage when the loss goes above a certain aggregate.
  • Guaranteed cost plans give you a determination of a premium at the beginning of the policy and it won’t adjust based on loss experience. At expiration, there is a final audit of the plan based on your actual payroll.
  • A retrospective rating plan is another solution for large accounts. This premium is based on actual losses. When you are paying between $150,000 and $500,000 in premiums, this type of plan can save you significantly, especially if you have a good risk management plan in place.

Take charge of your Delaware large account workers compensation premiums by finding solutions that fit into your company’s goals. Customizing your large account can add to the bottom line of your business through the expertise of a good insurance agent.

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